User, Password 관련 함수

1. Password 상태 정보 조회 : SUSR_USER_PASSWORD_STATUS_GET  Value Meaning  -2 Password cannot (generally) be changed  -1 Password cannot be changed today (only allowed once a day)   0 Password can be changed, but does not have to be changed  1 Password is initial and must be changed  2 Password has expired and must be changed  3 Password must be changed because it no longer meets the new […]

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SAP 사용자 계정 패스워드 초기화 및 Lock/Unlock Function

1. 사용자 계정 Lock/Unlock 함수  – BAPI_USER_LOCK : 사용자계정 Lock  – BAPI_USER_UNLOCK : 사용자계정 Unlock   2. 사용자 계정 Password 초기화  – S_WAP_USER_PASSWORD_RESET : Normal함수, 랜덤으로 패스워드를 생성해서 보여줌.  – S_WAP_USER_MAINTENANCE        – BAPI_USER_CHANGE : Remote함수.  – SUSR_INTERNET_PASSWORD_RESET    

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