InfoType 0014 간접평가모듈 금액 조회 로직

반복지급 및 공제(PA0014) 간접평가지시자(INDBW) 가 찍혀있는 임금유형의 금액 조회를 위한 로직입니다.

1. Source Code


  DATA: BEGIN OF lt_indbw OCCURS 20,

          seqnr(3).                      ” sequence number

          INCLUDE STRUCTURE ptbindbw.

  DATA: END OF lt_indbw.

  DATA: ls_511    TYPE t511.

      CLEAR: ls_511, lt_indbw, lt_indbw[].

      SELECT SINGLE * FROM t511 INTO ls_511

              WHERE molga EQ ’41’

                AND lgart EQ ls_0014-lgart

                AND endda GE ls_0014-endda.

      MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_511 TO lt_indbw.

      MOVE ‘I’ TO lt_indbw-indbw.

      APPEND lt_indbw.



          pbegda                       = ls_0014-begda

          pmolga                       = ’41’

          ppernr                        = ls_0014-pernr


          ptbindbw                     = lt_indbw


          bad_parameters             = 1

          error_at_indirect_evaluation = 2

          OTHERS                      = 3.

      READ TABLE lt_indbw INDEX 1.

      MOVE lt_indbw-betrg TO ls_list-betrg.


2. 참고 프로그램

 Include FP50LE00의 form indbw_betrg

3. PA0015 관련 함수