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 – SAP BW 7.4 on HANA Training : SAP BW Architecture, Basic Navigation and RSA1 Functionality :

1. SAP CookBook :

2. InfoCube

 – 시스템은 더이상 Dimension Table을 생성하지 않음.

 – SID를 직접 Fact Table에 생성함.

 – Dimension은 Sort나 BEx 쿼리 생성시에만 이용됨.

3. DSO


 – Differences to a Normal Standard DataStore Object

The SAP HANA-optimized DataStore object contains the additional field IMO__INT_KEY in the active data table. This field is required for optimizing SAP HANA and is hidden in queries.

A before/after image is still written during activation, even if no changes are made to the active data.

It cannot be used as a source of update flows in a 3.x data flow.

More information: Data Flow in Business Warehouse

The complete history of a request is not saved. Only the start status and end status (relating to an activation) are saved.

Since real-time data acquisition (RDA) usually involves small data volumes for each activation step, SAP HANA optimization does not produce any advantages. The use of SAP HANA-optimized DataStore objects for RDA is therefore not supported.

5. Obsolete Process Types for SAP HANA Database

The following process types are not needed when using SAP HANA database:

Initial Filling of New Aggregates

Update Explorer Properties of BW Objects

Rolling Up Filled Aggregates/BWA Indexes

Adjust Time-Dependent Aggregates

Construct Database Statistics

Build Index

Delete Index

If you are using the SAP HANA database, it is no longer possible to select these process types in process chain maintenance.

Existing process chains do not have to be modified. The relevant process variants do not run any tasks in the chains and do not terminate with errors.

6. HANA-optimized InfoCubes



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