InfoCube Reconstruction(재구축) Tab 활용도

사실 7.x 위주로 BW를 쓰다보면 Reconstruction Tab은 전혀 활용을 못했는데,

친구문의(요청에서 삭제했는데, 재구축에 안나온다며?)로 오늘도 열심히 Help를 찾았음.

물론, 답을 얻었고요. ^^ 

결론은 3.x 인포패키지로 데이터 올렸을 때나 써먹을 수 있답니다. 

— SAP Online Help —

Reconstructing InfoCubes

This function is only necessary for InfoCubes that obtained their data from 3.x InfoPackages.

You can reconstruct an InfoCube from the requests that are already uploaded. You can use these requests to reconstruct the current InfoCube or construct another InfoCube.

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