“EU_INIT”, “EU_REORG”, “EU_PUT” Batch Job 생성

1. 목적 : ABAP Workbench에 중요한 Index Update와 Reconstruction

2. 각 작업내용

가. EU_INIT : Index rebuild

나. EU_REORG : Index Update

다. EU_PUT : 개발 Object Check

라. 상세내용


Reason and Prerequisites

The EU jobs are used to reconstruct or update the indexes (where-used lists, navigation indexes, object lists) that are important for the ABAP Workbench.


When you start transaction SE80 for the first time, the three EU jobs are scheduled automatically: EU_INIT (single start), EU_REORG (periodically each night), and EU_PUT (periodically each night). Alternatively, You can also schedule the three jobs by manually executing program SAPRSEUJ.

Short description of the individual jobs:


           EU_INIT is used to completely rebuild the indexes and therefore has a correspondingly long runtime. It starts program SAPRSEUI. All customer-defined programs (selection according to the naming convention) are analyzed and indexes are created that are used in the ABAP Workbench for the where-used lists of function modules, error messages, reports, and so on. These indexes are automatically updated in dialog mode.

The job can be repeated at any time. After a termination, the job is automatically scheduled for the next day; it then starts at the point of termination. (EU_INIT can therefore be terminated deliberately, if it disturbs other activities in the system. See also Note 759407.)


           As mentioned above, the indexes are automatically updated online by the ABAP Workbench tools. To keep the effort for updating these indexes as low as possible, only the changes are logged, which means a reorganization of the entire index for each program is required from time to time. So that this reorganization does not interfere with the online system, the EU_REORG job runs every night and performs this task. If the EU_REORG job did not run one night, this simply means that the reorganization takes place more often online.


           The EU_PUT job also runs every night. It starts program SAPRSEUT. This program checks whether customer-defined development objects have been transported into the SAP system with the SAP transport system, and generates or updates the indexes described above whenever required.


To create the indexes, the EU jobs analyze the program sources of the development objects. Faulty ABAP programs (sources with grave syntax errors, for example, a literal that is too long because a concluding inverted comma is missing) are skipped. The relevant job continued the analysis with the next program and issues the names of all programs with errors in a list.

After correcting the faulty programs, you can update the object lists of the relevant programs in the Repository Browser. To do this, proceed as follows:


3. Batch Job 생성방법 : 프로그램 “SAPRSEUJ” 실행 (3개 동시생성)

SAP Note Download : SAP Note 18023

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