Useful Transaction Codes

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 AL02 Database Alert Monitor

AL03 Operating System Alert Monitor

AL05 Workload Alert Monitor

AL08 Current active users (in system)

AL11 Display operating system file from CCMS

CC6 Client import X

CC7 Client import – post processing

CC8 Client export

CC9 Remote client copy X

CCL Local client copy X

CMP Table comparison

CU3 Table history

DB01 Exclusive waits in Oracle database

DB02 Database performance; tables and index

DB03 Parameter changes in database

DB05 Analysis of table with respect to indexed fields

DB12 Backup logs

DB13 DBA planning calendar

DB14 DBA logs

OSS1 Online Service System logon

RSECAUTH Maintain Authorization Object

RZ01 Graphical background job scheduling monitor

RZ02 Network graphical display of instance

RZ03 Server status, alerts, maintain operations mode

RZ04 Maintain operations mode and instance

RZ06 Maintain alert threshold

RZ08 CCMS Alert Monitor

RZ10 Maintain system profiles X

RZ11 Display profile parameter attributes

RZ20 Alert Monitor 4.0

RZ21 Maintain settings for Alert Monitor 4.0

SA38 ABAP reporting

SCAM CATT management

SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool

SCC1 Client copy transport X

SCC3 Client copy log

SCC4 Client copy administration X

SCC5 Delete clients X

SE01 Transport organizer

SE03 Workbench organizer: tools

SE06 Set up workbench organizer

SE09 Workbench organizer

SE10 Customizing organizer

SE11 Data Dictionary maintenance X

SE12 Data Dictionary display

SE15 Repository Info System

SE16 Display table content X X

SE17 General table display X

SE38 ABAP editor X

SE39 ABAP Splitscreen Editor (서로 다른 프로그램의 소스코드 비교에 좋음)

SE54 View Cluster Maintenance

SE71 Form Painter(SAP Script)

SFT2 Maintain public holiday calendar

SFT3 Maintain factory calendar

SICK Installation check

SM01 Lock transactions X

SM02 System messages

SM04 Overview of users

SM12 Database locks X

SM13 Update terminates X

SM21 System log

SM30 Maintain tables (not all tables can use SM30) X

SM31 Maintain tables X

SM35 Batch input monitoring

SM36 Schedule background jobs

SM37 Overview of background jobs

SM39 Job analysis

SM49 External operating system commands, execute

SM50 Work process overview

SM51 Instance overview

SM58 Error log for asynchronous RFC

SM01 Transaction Codes: Lock/Unlock

SM59 RFC connection, maintain

SM63 Operations mode, maintain

SM64 Event trigger

SM66 Global work process overview

SM69 External operating system commands, maintain

SP00 Spool

SP01 Spool control

SP02 Display output requests

SP11 TemSe (temporary sequential objects) contents

SP12 TemSe administration

SPAD Spool administration (printer setup)

SPAM SAP Patch Manager

SPAU Intersection SAP transport/customer modifications

SPCC Spool; consistency check

SPDD Intersection SAP transport/customer modifications, DDIC

SPIC Spool; installation check

ST01 SAP system trace X

ST02 Buffer statistics

ST03 Workload analysis

ST04 Database performance analysis

ST05 SQL trace X

ST06 Operating system monitor

ST07 Application monitor

ST08 Network monitor

ST09 Network Alert monitor

ST10 Table call statistics

ST11 Display developer trace X

ST12 Application monitor

ST14 Application analysis

ST22 ABAP dump analysis

ST4A Oracle: analyze the shared cursor cache

STAT Local transaction statistics

STMS Transport Management System X

STUN Performance monitoring

SU01 User maintenance X

SU01D Display users

SU02 Maintain authorization profiles X

SU03 Maintain authorizations X

SU10 Mass change to user records X

SU12 Delete ALL Users X

SU2 Maintain user parameters

SU22 Authorization object check in transactions

SU3 Maintain own user parameters

SU53 Display authorization checked values


– 권한관련 Tcode


PFCG – Role Maintenance Basis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management

SU53 – Evaluate authorization Check Basis – User and Authorization Management

RSECADMIN – Manage Analysis authorizations BW – OLAP Technology

SU24 – Maintain authorization Defaults Basis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management

SU21 – Maintain authorization objects Basis – User and Authorization Management

ST01 – System Trace Basis – Low Level Layer

SUIM – User Information System Basis – User Information System

RSSM – authorizations for Reporting BW – OLAP Technology

SU22 – Maintain authorization Defaults(SAP) Basis – User and Authorization Management

SU20 – Maintain authorization Fields Basis – User and Authorization Management

RSD1 – Characteristic maintenance BW – Data Basis

SU02 – Maintain authorization Profiles Basis – User and Authorization Management

PA20 – Display HR Master Data Personnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration

SU03 – Maintain authorizations Basis – User and Authorization Management

SU56 – Analyze User Buffer Basis – User and Authorization Management

OOSB – User (Structural authorization) Basis – Organizational Management

SU25 – Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator Basis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management

OOSP – authorization Profiles Basis – Organizational Management

OOAC – HR: authorization main switch Personnel Mgmt – Personnel Administration

PFUD – User Master Data Reconciliation Basis – ABAP Authorization and Role Management

RSCSAUTH – Maintain/Restore authorization Group Basis – System Audit Information System

RSCUSTV23 – BW Customizing – View 21 BW – OLAP Technology

RSECAUTH – Maintenance of Analysis Auth. BW – OLAP Technology

RSUDO – Execution as Other User BW – OLAP Technology

S_BCE_68001396 – Users According to Complex Criteria Basis – User and Authorization Management



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