VMS관련 Transaction

OVELO00              Global VMS parameters
OVELO1               Define Actions
OVELO11              Define Action Controls
OVELO12              Define Vehicle Status
OVELO13              Define Availability
OVELO14              Define Vehicle Usage
OVELO18              Define Vehicle Search Areas
OVELO19              Define VMS Roles
OVELO2               Define No. Range for Int.Veh. No.
OVELO20              Define Vehicle Categories
OVELO21              Assign Vehicle Categories
OVELO27              Access Auth. During Vehicle Search
OVELO29              Define Search Views
OVELO3               Define No. Range for Act. Ctrl Det.
OVELO30              Calculation sheet profile
OVELO4               Define Addnl Data for Vehicle
OVELO5               Define External Status
OVELO6               Define Technical Data for Actions
OVELO7               Assign Own Dialog Messages
OVELO8               Define No.Range f, Config Chg Determ
OVELOL               Define Vehicle Location
OVELOM01             Maintain Condition Tables
OVELOM04             Define Field Catalog for Messages
OVELOM11             Define Access Sequences
OVELOM21             Define Message Types
OVELOM31             Define Message Determ. Procedures
OVELOM41             Assign Msge Determ. Schema to Plant
OVELOTREX            Define Columns for TREX Download
OVELOVSRINIT         Initialize Category Rule Maintenance
SQ_DEMO_DEVELOP      Startet InfoSet Query wth InfoSet
VELO                 Vehicle Manager
VELO_LCCONTENT       Maintain LiveCache Filter
VELO_LCINIT          Fill LiveCache with Vehicles
VELO_LCSTATUS        Activate/deactivate liveCache
VELO_SA              Control Table for Vehicle Attributes
VELO_SC              Control Table for Search
VELOARDI             Display Archived Vehicles
VELOARSL             Set/Delete Archiving Indicator
VELOAS               Assign Sales Docs to Vehicles
VELOB                Execute Actions in Batch
VELOBWC              Assign Class Char. to BW Char.
VELOC                Define Sales Campaign
VELOCM               Configuration mapping
VELOE                Emergency Monitoring
VELOK                Define Message Condition Records
VELOM                Status Monitor for Vehicle IDoc
VELOMCS              Mapping of models to calc. sheet
VELOMMAP             Mapping of Models to Config Charact.
VELOMNR              Models with Custom Number Ranges
VELONR               Number range maintenance: VMS_VHL
VELOOBJC             Include Obj. Char. in Configuration
VELOP                Define Configuration Change Profile
VELOP01              Log: Status Monitoring
VELOP02              Log: Reservation
VELOP03              Log: Action Execution
VELOPR               Evaluate Configuration Profiles
VELOR                Update Reservation Queue
VELORM               Assign Vehicle Model to VMS Roles
VELORO               Assign Org. Data to VMS Roles
VELORU               Assign VMS Roles to Users
VELOS                Define Action Control Determination
VELOUM               Define Used Vehicle Models
VELOV                Action Execution Job Variant
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