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 – 관련 Note : 1978560 – SAP GUI 740 requires RND & scanner adjustments



1. 740 Client : 다운로드1 다운로드2

2. Patch Level 1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

3. BI Addon Precalc for SAPGUI 740 Patch Level 0 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

4. BI 7.0 Addon for SAPGUI 740 Patch Level 1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

5. Patch Level 1 Hotfix 1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

6. BI 7.0 Addon for SAPGUI 740 Patch Level 1 Hotfix 1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

7. Patch Level 2 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

8. BI 7.0 Addon for SAPGUI 740 Patch Level 2 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

9. Patch Level 2 Hotfix 2 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

10. Patch Level 4 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

11. BI740SP03_300 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

12. Patch Level 4_1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

13. Patch Level 5 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

14. Patch Level 5-1 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

15. Patch Level 7 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

16. Patch Level 8 : 다운로드1

17. Patch Level 9 : 다운로드1 다운로드2

18. BI740SP06P_601 : 다운로드

19. Patch Level 10 : 다운로드

20. Patch Level 11 : 다운로드

21. Patch Level 11 Hotfix 1 : 다운로드

21. Patch Level 12 : 다운로드

22. Patch Level 12 Hotfix 1 : 다운로드

23. BI740SP08_800 : 다운로드

24. Patch Level 13 : 다운로드

25. Patch Level 14 : 다운로드

26. BI740sp09_900 : 다운로드



*. SAPGUI 740 New Features




SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 is the successor to SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 which will be out of of support as of 14th of July 2015 (restricted support until 31st of October 2015). With the new release SAP GUI for Windows was carefully improved to provide the end-user with an interface where information is presented in a logical and easy-to-understand way. Several visual and usability improvements have been implemented to help users organize and complete their daily work quickly and efficiently.

The new SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 will be shipped on 8th of October 2014 and introduces the following useful enhancements:

  • Blue Crystal Design: SAP Blue Crystal is a new visual design theme which succeeds Corbu. It provides a consistent, responsive design that allows users to seamlessly experience the SAP GUI and NWBC elements. The background texture has a stroke pattern in white and light blue with a gradient layer.
  • SAP GUI for Windows / Netweaver Business Client – Integration: SAP GUI for Windows can be embedded into NWBC, so the user has one shell that unifies both frontends. One desktop/taskbar icon consolidates NWBC and SAP GUI sessions, tasks, frequently used links etc. in a tabbed view NWBC frame.
  • SAP UI Landscape: SAP UI Landscape unifies the persisted connection and connection configuration Data from SAP GUI for Windows, SAP GUI for Java and NWBC in a modern and easier way through one single XML file. There are no more split configuration files for the different SAP GUIs like sapmsg.ini, entries in the windows services file or saplogon.ini.

An up-to-date list of new features is available in SAP note 2022335.

Lifecycle information:

  • Delivery: 8th of October 2014 (“Productive Release” & “Default Release”)
  • End of maintenance: 9th of January 2018 (end of support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012)
  • Please note that SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 will be out of maintenance as of 14th of July 2015 (restricted maintenance until 31st of October 2015) – therefore we recommend to start planning your upgrade to release 7.40 soon after the delivery of the new release.

More detailed information on the lifecycle of SAP GUI can be found in SAP note 147519.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows Vista (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 7 (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 R2 Server



  • Channy

    공유 감사합니다^^
    하지만, 아직 사소한 오류 및 응답없음으로 넘어가는 경우가 종종 있네요.
    아직은 730을 써야할것 같아요^^;;;

    • 네. 저도 깔아봤는데, 오류가 많아서 원복했어요. 패치나오길 기다려봐야죠. ^^

  • Singsingdori

    Patch Level 8을 실행하면 Next 버튼이 비활성화되어 패치를 진행할 수가 없습니다.
    제 PC에 문제가 있는것인지요?

    • 음, 저는 다운로드 버튼이 잘 뜨는데요.
      방화벽에서 Dropbox를 차단했을 수도 있습니다.

  • JYH

    윈도우7에서 윈도우10으로 업데이트 했더니 실행도 안되던데 뭐 패치프로그램 받아야되나요??

    • 실행할때, 관리자 권한으로 하시거나 우클릭 속성에서 OS 변경해보세요.